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Teviot Downs is committed to providing a quality rural residential estate while embracing the natural environment and we encourage our residents to do the same.

Much of the established native tree cover has been retained to provide a woodland character and to maintain ecosystems and habitats for the natural flora and fauna. We have planted thousands of trees, species of which grow naturally in the area and rehabilitate creeks and open space areas which are eroded or damaged. Our building covenants prevent the removal of trees outside of the building footprints on individual allotments and require trees to be replaced in the event of unnecessary removal.

The road framework and stages of development are designed around significant trees, open space wildlife corridors and waterways to provide an uninterrupted path for the migration of native species including kangaroos and frogs.

Award winning bebo arches have been incorporated into the engineering design of estate bridges to enable aquatic species the ability to travel upstream and down. This is important for the reproductive process of many aquatic mammals, reptiles and fish.

All allotments come with developer provided dog proof fencing on adjoining lot boundaries in order to keep your domestic pets from getting too close to the native fauna. Teviot Downs encourages all animals to live in harmony with each other on the estate.

Teviot Downs has full town pressure water available in stages 28, 31 and 33.

Every house at Teviot Downs is also required to have a Household Sewerage Treatment Plant. The water that is produced is very clean and depending on the kind of system you choose, can be used for a variety of purposes. The transpiration area can be transformed into a lovely landscaped garden bed. A list of suitable species is supplied to residents.



Teviot Downs is a vibrant flourishing community and while it is only a 40 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD, it also has a large array of facilities, services and retail shopping in the local area.

Greenbank Shopping Centre is a neighbourhood centre adjacent the estate providing shopping conveniences and services with loads of easy parking. Child Care and Tavern are also due to open soon.

The Greenbank Library and Community Centre provides a great resource for the local community and students.

The Greenbank RSL is one of the largest RSL clubs in the Southern Hemisphere providing entertainment and catering services located a short drive away.

A number of child care, kindergarden, primary, secondary and private schools are located in the area and school bus services are available. The Southern campus of the University of Queensland is located a short 10 minute drive from Teviot Downs.


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