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I wish to commend the Teviot Downs Estate's development team on the effort put into making this a highly desirable estate in which to live. My wife and I not only live here, other members of our family live in the same estate. lt's worth investing in this estate's property.

Why? Saying that it's a very nice area to live in and we like it seems inadequate. Reasons are many, and include:

1. There is a choice of land sizes available, depending on what elbow-room you want. I like gardening, and with acreage it is possible to be a bit more extravagant with landscaping.

2. The estate is pet-friendly.

3. A children's playground is provided, and is well maintained.

4. Streets are tree-lined and the trees watered and maintained until well established.

5. We like the lifestyle and rapidly improving amenities. Shops are plentiful; range of day-to-day items is excellent, expected services are local (including Medical Centre, Dentist, Vet, Child Care, Take-Away shops, Woolworths, Service Station etcetera). Major shopping centres aren't far away if you need specialist items.

6. The regional newspapers are delivered weekly, so keeping up with local news is easy. The extensive available trade advertisements are useful if you need them.

7. Traffic is light, the roads are excellent, and unlike some rural areas we aren't trapped here during heavy rains.

8. The local recycling station is discretely placed and very useful.

9. There is a primary school locally, and school bus services available to take children to the (slightly further away) secondary schools. Some land has been purchased by a Private school, so eventually I hope a full-service school to be locally placed.

10. We have large water tanks for everyday use, and town water is available.

11. The Developer has taken care to keep areas of green space, has created a children's park, left as many trees during development as possible, creates decent roads and verges, and even turfs the footpaths. Unexpected items such as the estate's landscaping and mowing service keep the Public areas in good shape and are a huge benefit.

12. With mature trees remaining here, shade during the day is welcomed. Birdlife is abundant, and improved by the planting of Native trees and shrubs. l've counted about 50 varieties of birds just on one property over a period of time. We even get visited by exotics such as "Dollar birds".

13. The Sales Staff (Roger) are highly approachable and helpful, as are Management (Natalie) and Developer (Robert). I commend them on creating an excellent and interesting estate, and despite the many awards for the estate, they aren't resting on their laurels. The estate keeps improving and is a high quality development.

In summary, Teviot Downs Estate is simply an excellent place to live. If you work here, even better. The current Government has made new acreage developments nearly impossible to create, but there are many pre-approved large sites here. lf you want a good location, amenities AND elbow room, this is the place to be.

Peter Sutherland



We are presently in the process of buying our 4th block of land in Teviot Downs estate which will also be our 4th house here.

After moving from Teviot to Spring Mountain Greenbank area for the past 2 years we have realised that Teviot Downs is such a great place to live in such peaceful surroundings, family, people and animal friendly environment we now realise that this is where we want to invest in our future.

After searching other developments we have found that pricing of the blocks of land which include fencing are priced very competitive in comparison. The new Parkland, Shops and Tavern which have been developed in close proximity since our time away also an absolute bonus.

It is nice to once again be coming home.

John & Di Bartholomew



We had recently moved to Brisbane from a large block in Melbourne. The original plan was to buy a large house block and on the south side of town that wasn't too far from the city. There was no such thing at a price we could afford!!!

Being new to QLD we weren't familiar with our surroundings, so we were very excited to happen on a nice looking estate with large blocks on the internet. With a young child we desperately needed something that was big enough for the size home we wanted to build and still have room for our girl to play outside. To our surprise Teviot Downs has just what we needed and more!!

We have now settled into our beautiful large new home with huge backyard and even a grand new park to go and play with our daughter and let our dogs have a play in the "doggy park". The location is fantastic with being ½ way between Brisbane city and the Gold Coast. We have access to great schools nearby and shopping. This is one family proud to be a part of 'Tevvy's' world.

I recommend moving to Teviot Downs to anyone who wants a bit of country life right next to suburbia without the busy hustle and bustle that suburban city life is.

Thanks Tevvy,

Rachel and Paul

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